House Church

A Place to Belong - Try a House Church

Everyone needs a point of connection - a place to belong with an extended family of people who are living life together around Jesus.

What Is A House Church?

Each group meets to practice the ways of Jesus, care for one another, and look for ways to bless Jonesboro.

When Do They Meet?

Some House Churches meet every week, some twice a month and others once a month. Most of the groups meet on Sundays, but some meet on other days of the week. We can help you find a House Church based on time, proximity, existing relationships, or size.

What Should I Expect If I Try One?

Each House Church is an open group and would love to welcome you in. You’ll meet some great, authentic people with real problems. Enjoy some food. See how things work. And you can participate as much or as little as you’d like.

Can I Try More Than One?

Absolutely. We’ll help you find a House Church that’s a great fit for you.

What If I’m New To All This?

A House Church is a great place to explore what it really looks like to follow Jesus. We invite you to belong, feel safe, ask questions, and taste the grace of Jesus for yourself.

Try a House Church

Select the email link below to our Southwest Church office to help you get started on finding a House Church.